Luxury Gluten Free Muesli

Luxury Gluten Free Muesli

Over 44% Fruits and Nuts

As the name indicates, this luxuriously good muesli is very satisfying and tasty. The high contents of fruit and nuts, and also soya flakes give it a crunchy chewy texture and nutty fruity flavour - fantastic combination of everything! 
Certified by the Coeliac Society.


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Balanced Nutrition · Dairy Free Recipe · Gluten Free · No Added Salt · No Added Sugar · Protein >10% · Vegan recipe · Wheat Free Recipe
No Salt or Sugar added

Allergen Information: Contains nuts and sulphur dioxide


All the values below are calculated based on the data available from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and are only a guideline.
Typical valuesper 100g  
Energy 1527kJ 
Proteins 12.6g25%*
Carbohydrate 62g48%*
    Total Sugars 23.9g 
Total Fat 9.5g 
    Saturated 1.6mg 
    Monounsaturated 3.2mg 
    Polyunsaturated 3.8mg 
Dietary Fibre 5.9g20%*
Sodium Trace  
Vitamin C 0.8mg3%*
Thiamin 0.2mg25%*
Niacin 2.3mg29%*
Riboflavin 0.3mg27%*
Vitamin B6 0.2mg10%*
Folate 66.1mcg33%*
Vitamin E 1.2mg12%*
VitA 171IU6%*
Vit K 16.6mcg26%*
Calcium 72mg14%*
Iron 2.6mg22%*
Magnesium 121mg40%*
Zinc 1.5mg15%*
Manganese 1mg50%*
Selenium 84.4mcg153%*

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